Algol, known as Beta Persei, is commonly known as the Demon Star and is located in the constellation Perseus. Algol is a three-star system, consisting of Beta Persei Aa1, Aa2, and Ab. The luminous and hot primary β Persei Aa1 and the larger, but cooler and fainter β Persei Aa2 regularly pass in front of each other, causing eclipses due to the Earth being in their orbital plane. In ancient Egypt (circa 1244 BC to 1163 BC), a calendar dedicated to the star Algol was created as a manifestation of the Egyptian god Horus.
Every artwork of SPECTRUM and STARS is made with the spectroscopy of the actual star or celestial event.

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The series  SPECTRUM AND STARS evokes humanity's eternal search for answers, developing different languages to explain the Cosmos and the Universe. This series of artworks reflects the symbiosis between science and art, being objective and subjective poles of the same great human endeavor, posing the union of both cultural expressions.